International European Bank

Valuation Services
  • Individual credit valuation within loan portfolio valuation in US division of large international bank
    • Aggregate loan portfolio valuation of $5bn 
    • Internal Valuation work resulted in sale of over $1.5bn
    • Mostly Corporate, included real estate and special assets

Credit Portfolio

Valuation Services
  • Hedge Fund Loan Portfolio 
    • Individually valued hundreds of loans across multiple portfolios
    • Executed $1bn of secondary portfolio purchases in 3 portfolios

Ag Tech Company

Transition Consulting and Due Diligence Services
  • Venture Capital backed startup software company
    • Our client helps farmers become more organized and efficient
    • We helped our client become more organized and efficient

Ag Tech Investor

Valuation Servies
  • Private placement Angel investor in an Agriculture Genomics Company
    • We helped our client value a private placement investment 

Building Products Company

Financial Advisory Services
  • Private Equity backed manufacturing company 
    • Our client helps builders build faster
    • We help our client process information faster 

Ag Science Company

Transition Consulting and Interim Management

  • Investor Backed Research, Development and Manufacturing Company
    • Interim CFO responsible for day to day management, Building financial models, Budgeting, Reporting to the board of directors, Raising debt and Equity Capital